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Advanced Typography

Exersizes in Style Poster

For this assignment we were instructed to design a poster for an event using only typography in the 6 different approaches: Expository, Biomorphically, Representationally, Sympathetically, etc. From these compositions we would eventually create hybrid posters that represented a synthesis of our exploration. For my poster I created a hypothetical meditation event titled 'Transcend' that would take place at the Huntington Gardens. 

Visuals created in Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and by hand, composition designed in Adobe InDesign

Cynthia Warren_Hybrid Type Poster Final Version.jpg
Type Exploration

THE PROCESS: My exploration in typography for expository, biomorphic,  representational, sympathetic, ambiguous, and antithetical compositions.

Type Exploration

Further iterations (left side) and final composition (right side).

Composition A & B
Final Hybrid-Current View.png
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