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Target Coffee Mid and High Tier Designs

This project looked to give a fresh change to the mid and high-tier design of the official Target Brand Coffees. The high-tier Good and Gather design took more liberty in creative direction, while the mid-tier Market Pantry design adhered to stricter choices based on the iconic Target look. 

Visuals created in Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, rendered in Substance Stager and animated in Adobe Animate + Blender


The high-tier design was inspired by flavor profiles already sold by the Good and Gather brand, looking at both landscape and textile designs associated with each region. The type selection for the flavor titles were treated, and illustrative work was created digitally. 

Tierra Del Sol-Camera.png
Sumatra Manhelding-Camera.png
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe-Camera.png

The mid-tier design looked to adhere fairly strictly to the Market Pantry color selections, using simple illustrative work and treated type that reflected a rustic cafe feel. The different blends are categorized by roast, as seen in the type on the coffee mug and the variations of color strips at the bottom half of the designs.

Light Roast Mid Tier Coffee-Camera.png
Medium Roast Mid Tier Coffee-Camera.png
Dark  Roast Mid Tier Coffee-Camera.png
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