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Advertising I: Introduction to Concept Development

NAMI Mental Health Campaign

This project focused on an ad campaign surrounding a social topic and organization of our choice. For my campaign, I focused on mental health for NAMI through drawing parallels between common mental disorders and well-known board games. Through this playful approach to a serious topic, this campaign looks to normalize mental health issues while also stressing that they should not be overlooked, as 'Mental Health is Not a Game'. 

Visuals created in Procreate, compositions designed in Adobe Indesign, mockups created in Photoshop

Billboard Large daytime NAMI small.png

Each illustration for the campaign was hand drawn, leaning heavily on the original concept art for popular games such as Twister, Operator, and the Magic 8 Ball. Each game was selected with a certain disorder in mind to play off of, such as Operator with depression. 

NAMI Mental Health campaign.jpg
NAMI Final cleaned up3.jpg
NAMI Final cleaned up2.jpg
Bus stop poster daytime NAMI small.png
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