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MINNA Can Drink Package Design

This simple design project looked to recreate both the can and box design for an already known brand. My brand selected was Minna, a sparkling tea product that aims to promote inclusivity and healthy living. Minna is Japanese for 'everyone', as reflected in the brand's dedication to donating a percentage of sales to non-profits that promote inclusivity.

Visuals created in Adobe Illustrator, composition designed in Adobe Substance Stager


THE PROCESS: The overall design for the cans leans in heavily on the idea of inclusivity, utilizing main ingredients in each flavor to create a simple pattern. The simplicity of each design also reflects Japanese influence in minimal style. The connection the meaning of the word 'minna' is further emphasized with the Japanese characters above the Romanized title.  

Lime Hibiscus Tea-Camera 2.png
Tropical Green Tea-Camera 2.png
Citrus Black Tea.jpg

All three cans presented with the box design, which is similarly simple in style. 

All Three with Box-Camera.png
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