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CSULB Graphic Design V: Packaging Design

HEB Mid & High Tier
Soup Package Designs

This project was completed for a repackaging assignment aimed at producing mid & high-tier designs for the Texas market brand H-E-B. The goal for both designs was to elevate the look and feel of the packaging for a product of my choice. I chose soup as I had never done such packaging and wanted to challenge myself to make designs that stood out in great contrast from competing brands of the same tier.

Icons created in Adobe Illustrator, rendered in Adobe Dimensions


The high-tier soup package design's greatest goal was to create a comforting feel that stood out against competing looks. While most soup packages consisted of real images, I decided to go an illustrative route to create a playful design that still rendered the product as tasty to consumers. 

The brand under HEB selling this product was purely conceptual, and does not exist as a real brand. I wanted the brand to have an organic and sustainable look and feel, part of what made the product itself high-tier, which is why I opted for soup boxes rather than plastic containers.

High-tier designs consisted of the flavors Chicken Tortilla, Split Pea, and Vegetable Beef. The overall theme of the package designs were based on the soup ingredients, and the type for the soup names were hand drawn.


The challenge with the mid-tier soup packaging was trying to create a unique design that still felt elevated from lower tier varieties. My solution was a design that looked to evoke a sense of nostailgia and childhood in consumers.

Hill Country Fair tends to have a more simplistic approach in its package design, looking to primarily showcase the product. I wanted the designs for these soup packages to have some playfulness with a combiniation of illustration and real imagery of the soups. 

The soups selected for the mid-tier designs were French Onion, Tomato Basil, and Chicken Noodle. The illustrative and type style of this design both have a chalk-like texture to them, giving the sense of childhood I had wished to evoke.

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