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Media Design: User-Centered Design

Dicot Smart Home App UI

This project's goal was to design a smart home app user interface that would bring navigation and use of devices greater ease. Dicot is a smart home android app that allows users to access all of their devices and media conveniently inside and outside of the home. Household members can set events, guest acconts, and preferences and so much more for the home! 

Icon and room images rendered in Adobe Dimensions, prototype designed in Figma

Dicot Home Feed UI
Dicot Home Feed UI 2

The top bar of the home page allows users access to more options, messages, and a quick search for any action/room/device.

Users Can also View their Primary Rooms on the home page, allowing for easy management of devices in select areas. 

From the Primary room tabs users can see how many devices total are in a room, and how many devices are currently active.

Users can also view members of the household, as well as access a mini menu that allow them to manage members or create a guest account.


This is the page for more options on a device (once a user has selected the image), allowing for more access to the device's full functions.

Functions for this coffee machine would be its serving options, as well as a timer option.

Dicot Device Page UI
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