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Graphic Design V: Packaging Design

Wild Roots Bespoke Spirit Packaging

The main aims of this project were to design a mid and high tier bottle for an alcohol brand, with a box set for the high-tier design. I selected the brand Wild Roots Vodka, primarily drawing inspiration from the Oregon Willamette Valley as well as the brands focus on 'harnessing the power of nature', going back to one's roots.

Visuals created in Procreate, type treated in Adobe Illustrator, Bottle created in Blender, Mocked up in Adobe Dimensions


The mid-tier design was kept fairly simple, focusing primarily on the treated type and monogram as the primary read. The outline of purple mountains that serves as the sleeve is a nod to the marionberry flavor and Willamette landscape.

Wild Roots Mid Tier Design
Wild Roots Mid Tier Label
cap 1.png

The high-tier design plays on the name of the brand, having roots wrapped around the glass bottle neck. The monogram and treated type remained were elevated through gold. The outline of mountains on the sleeve also nod to the mountainous landscape, with textured paper. The box design adheres to the high-tier bottle, with the rocky texture taking inspiration from the mountain topography in Oregon. Custom glasses were also designed for the high-tier box with the glass root design.

Wild Roots High Tier Label
Wild Roots High Tier Box and Bottle Design
cap 2.png
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