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Anaha Brand Conceptualization

This design project had us work in collaboration with fellow students, tasked with creating a visual identity for a brand conceptualized by another group. We were given a prompt to help create a brand identity for a collective that looks to promote education and community efforts towards composting and living sustainably. Throughout several weeks of communication we finalized a signature system to go alongside the brand visual identity. 

Logo created in Adobe Illustrator, applications created in Adobe Photoshop & Dimensions. Brand Style Guide created in Figma. Created with designers Huong Vo and Eleana Szeto.

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

Early stages of this project had us communicating with the client group fairly consistently to solidify their idea for the brand and what they felt was most important to emphasize in the final look.


The final brand style guide clearly communicates the brand's intentions and goals for the future. We designed 10 applications alongside the visual system to give greater impact on how strong visual identity can create a greater impact for brand presence. 

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